St. Mary Orthodox Church
105 S. 19th Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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10:00am - Divine Liturgy
5:00pm - Great Vespers
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6:00pm - Great Vespers
10:00am - Divine Liturgy

The holy Orthodox Church has set forth guidelines for the faithful in order that they might properly prepare themselves for the joyous partaking of the divine Body and the precious Blood of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.  Each of us should strive to follow these guidelines to the best of our ability, they include:

1)         Attendance at Vespers the night before drawing near to the Holy Chalice at the Divine Liturgy. 

2)         Observance of the fasting regulations of the Church during the week before Communion, and since the last confession made.

3)         Fasting from all food and beverage (including water) from midnight on the day in which Communion is being received.  If one must break the fast for medically reasons – one should still draw near to the chalice.

4)         Reading of the appointed Pre-Communion prayers; after Holy Communion, the Post-Communion prayers should be read as well.

5)         Before approaching the divine Mysteries of the Holy Body and Blood of Christ, one must be at peace with all others.

6)         A recent confession should have been made before Communion. Members of the faith should make confessions as often as possible, and must confess immediately before Communion if they have neglected the Church's guidelines for fasting, Church attendance, or the like. Likewise, confession should always immediately precede Communion if a person has committed any transgression against God or neighbor that would defile his presence at the partaking of Holy Communion.  

St. Mary Orthodox Church
105 S. 19th Street; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
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